Want your pet smelling fruity fresh? Want it to have baby soft skin?

We bring to you fruit-based shampoo and anti-bacterial shampoo that leaves your pets smelling fresh and clean without stripping their skin of essential oils.

Magical is a new series that is developed to bring new excitement from fruit power to skin solution for your pets. Experience the difference in softness and the suppleness of the fruit power on your pets’ fur.

OXYZEN Therapy shampoo is designed as an anti-bacterial preventive shampoo for regular usage. It is formulated with M.Guard Px, a strong anti-bacterial agent for elimination of bacteria, fungi and yeast. M.Guard Px, has been recognized by FDA as a primary anti bacterial agent and its effectiveness. OXYZEN Therapy shampoo retards bacterial growth for days, ensuring your pets to smell fresh and free from itchiness.