About Chelsea Holistic Care
Chelsea Holistic Care aims to bring ‘Premium care for your pets’

Chelsea Holistic Care is the Authorised Sole Distributor for PETDiatric Laboratories®  products in Singapore. 

PETdiatric’s motto ‘That’s Solution’ speaks volumes to their commitment in bringing quality supplements for the better health of small companion animals.

Chelsea Holistic Care together with PETdiatric Laboratories® brings top of the range animals supplements formulated and patented across the world within your reach right here in Singapore. 

With an established market presence in Malaysia, PETdiatric has now joined hands with Chelsea Holistic Care in Singapore to bring the same level of quality products for the masses.

The founders of Chelsea Holistic Care were faced with a personal challenge when their own fur-kid was in danger. With a turn of fate, they were introduced to, what they call, a miracle nutraceutical that made them a believer and Chelsea a healthier version of herself after so many years. With that, they decided no paw-rent and pet should be have to go through what they did.

Chelsea Holistic Care was formed to bring health care solutions to pet owners and veterinary doctors alike. Chelsea Holistic Care believes that no fur-kid should be left behind when there is a solution available out there. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Chelsea Holistic Care is the authorised sole distributor for PETdiatric Laboratories®, an organization that believes in bringing forth world class internationally recognized and patented nutraceuticals, skin care and hygiene care formulas for the better health of your fur-kids. Our products cater to a broad range of companion animals. Hand in hand, we will bring affordable and competitive products for the betterment of your companion animals health.

Today, Chelsea Holistic Care and PETdiatric Laboratories® provide solution to men’s companion.