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Many a times we have pet owners who are at their wits end when their fur-kids has fallen prey to an illness or disease. Many a times that very illness could have been prevented with proper diet and supplements. Many a times pet owners feels the only way out for them is to either heavily medicate, abandon or in some extreme cases, put their fur-kids down.
We at Chelsea Holistic Care believe that no fur-kid should be left behind when there is a solution available out there.
No fur-kid should be left behind.


The owners of Chelsea Holistic Care recently had to make a grave decision for one of their own fur-kid, Chelsea. She has a history of being prone to fractures; in her short 8 years, she has been under the knife at least 5 times in order to repair some fracture or another. Over the years, X-rays would show fractures new and old in various stages of remodelling; some that her owners never knew about. 
With a turn of fate, they were introduced to, what they call, a miracle supplement that made them a believer and Chelsea a healthier version of herself after so many years.


Chelsea Holistic Care is the authorised sole distributor for PETdiatric Laboratories®, an organization that believes in bringing forth world class internationally recognized and patented supplement, skin care and hygiene care formulas for the better health of your fur-kids. Our products cater to a broad range of companion animals. Hand in hand, we will bring affordable and competitive products for the betterment of your companion animals health.


Chelsea Holistic Care intends to be the industry leader in providing affordable and highly customizable wheelchairs and mobility aids for companion animals who may have limited or no mobility.